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Short Wedding Movie

Short Wedding Movie

Watch the short Wedding Movie included in one of my packages. Contact me to find out which one!

Our Short Wedding Movie captures the essence of this special day in a video lasting about 2-5 minutes. Through meticulous editing and a careful selection of images, we have encapsulated the smiles, joyful tears, and the most significant moments of this loving couple.
The Val d'Asso, in the Crete Senesi with its breathtaking landscapes and suggestive atmospheres, was the perfect backdrop for celebrating love. The gentle hills, cypress trees, and Tuscan sunsets added a unique magic to every shot, making this video a precious memory to share with friends and family.
With particular attention to detail and a passion for telling love stories, we created this movie to allow the couple to relive every moment of their special day. Our professional and relaxed approach enabled us to capture authentic and spontaneous moments, making this video a true treasure.

Why a short wedding movie?

  • Personalized Service: Benefit from the intimacy and attention to detail provided by a small team of two operators, ensuring a personalized and tailored experience.
  • Time-efficient Viewing: Enjoy a condensed version of the most significant moments, perfect for those with busy schedules.
  • Engaging Experience: Keep your guests captivated from start to finish with a short and impactful video.

  • Easy to Share: Share your special memories effortlessly with friends and family on social media platforms.

  • Memorable Highlights: Relive the essence of your wedding day with a concise compilation of the best moments.
  • Versatile Usage: Utilize your short wedding movie for various purposes, from social media teasers to event presentations.
  • Modern Appeal: Embrace the trend of short-form content, catering to the preferences of today's audience.


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