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Alessio Laz
Alessio Laz
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I'm Alessio Laz, a passionate wedding photographer born and raised in the beautiful region of Tuscany.
I specialize in capturing the magic of weddings across Italy, bringing an authentic local perspective to every celebration I photograph.

As an Italy destination wedding photographer, I work with couples from around the world, creating visual narratives of their special day.My approach blends natural, spontaneous moments with creative portraiture, resulting in a unique story told through images.

Throughout the day, from preparations to the final dance, I capture a mix of candid moments and artistic portraits, just as you can see in my portfolio.
My continuous pursuit of creative skills enhances this natural style.

I understand the responsibility of documenting one of the most important days of your life. My mission is to preserve your precious memories, giving them life for years to come."

Candid Moments Through Love: Let's Connect

Hannah & Doug // Canada
He was so encouraging, and made sure at every step that we were comfortable and happy, and showed us photos along the way to be sure we were happy with the product. As my (now) husband and I are typically introverts, having a photographer follow us during the day felt a little outside of our comfort zones, but Alessio made it his mission to capture our happiest moments beautifully. His eye for beautiful photography is simply the cherry on top of the cake that was his warm and encouraging demeanor. He directed us to locations with amazing scenery, took myriads of photos of our large family without hesitation, and never skipped a beat when we asked if we could have one more photo. Alessio constantly rolled with the punches, be it our family, the weather, and our event scheduling. I would hire
Katie & Glenn // USA
I’m so glad we chose Alessio as our wedding photographer. He was kind, intentional, and professional. He took a look around the venue prior to the ceremony to select the best spots for photos and discussed our options ahead of time. He continued to remind us to enjoy the day, don’t rush, and helped us ease into comfortability with having our photos taken which is something I appreciated. We had a few goofy/ unusual photo op requests which he was willing to accommodate for. He helped make our day truly unique and accommodated to us as a couple. We are so thankful for his time, talent, and flexibility. I highly recommend Alessio to anyone looking for a photographer!
Justine & Tim // Illinois USA
We booked Alessio to photograph our wedding in Italy and we are so happy we did! What drew me to Alessio in the first place was that he didn’t change the colors too much in his pictures - they are beautifully taken and edited, without the colors being too different. All of our interactions with him were so positive - he was kind and so much fun to work with, he takes beautiful pictures, he has lots of ideas for poses, and he was happy to take pictures of our ideas as well. He was so much fun to work with and chat to while I was getting ready and while my husband and I had a photoshoot. Alternatively, during the ceremony and the rest of the reception, we didn’t even notice he was there taking pictures. I believe that’s what makes a great wedding photographer! We are so happy with all the pictures he took - he takes great posed, photoshoot pictures and he also takes so many beautiful, candid pictures too. We are so, so happy with all of our pictures and the whole experience with Alessio. I would highly recommend him!
Sheila & Angus // Canada
Alessio is a great photographer, easy to communicate with and a pleasure to be around. We booked Alessio a few months before heading to Italy from Canada and really enjoyed our time together. We shot our elopement in a very private setting and the photos turned out great!
Happy to shoot with Alessio again!”
Bernadette & Branko // Mexico
We were lucky to have found Alessio. We had the most wonderful day and Alessio lets us enjoy that day over and over again through his wonderful pictures. He stayed nice on background and was very flexible. The after service was great and we received pictures in digital format. Highly recommend him.
Jaime & Mike // Pennsylvania USA
Don't hesitate, choose Alessio! My husband and I booked Alessio for our wedding in Tuscany, we were a little nervous at first but he made us feel so comfortable and was so easy to work with it, that we were able to relax and have fun. Alessio does more natural photo shoots, which I have to say was great, we didn't have all these awkward poses, he would direct us and then just say be yourself and he snapped away. He definitely delivered spectacular memories, it was so hard to choose the photos, they were all so beautiful. Grazie Alessio!
Lauriane & Julien // Belgium
Alessio was extremely nice, good and professional. I was very surprised to view some pictures that I did not expect: he was hidden behind us, behind some guests to capture all nice and authentic moments. Thanks again Alessio
Danielle & Stefan // Netherlands
Perfect and relaxed services. We loved the whole proces with Alessio. His services are great and the pictures he made caputered the whole feeling we had during our wedding!
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