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Alessio Laz
Alessio Laz
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Sardinia, with its ancient history, breathtaking landscapes, and crystal-clear sea, has always been a land I hold dear. And it was in this magical land, in the month of May, that I had the privilege of capturing the wedding of Lia and Pawel.

The day before the wedding, I was on the beach of Santa Giusta scouting for amazing locations for a post-ceremony couple's photoshoot.
It was there that I met Lia and Pawel. Despite never having met before, there was an immediate connection, an authentic spark that was palpable from the very beginning.

Pavel's words, "I knew I made the right choice," filled my heart with joy and responsibility, aware of the importance of capturing the essence of this special day.
The following day, the May sun kissed the ceremony, creating an intimate and romantic atmosphere.
The connection and love between Lia and Pawel were tangible, evident in every glance, every smile, every gesture.

Sardinia, with its wild beauty, served as the perfect backdrop for this dream wedding, gifting us with unforgettable scenes.
The photos I took are a testament to a pure and sincere love. Through my shots, I endeavored to capture the essence of this special day, the joy of the couple, and the magical atmosphere that surrounded them.
I hope these images will forever relive the emotion of this fairytale wedding.

Every time I return to Sardinia, this land gifts me with new emotions and unexpected encounters.
Lia and Pawel are a confirmation of how Sardinia is a special place, capable of uniting people and creating deep connections. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to meet this wonderful couple and contribute to making their wedding an unforgettable day.

  • Event Planner : Marry me in Italy
  • Venue : Spiaggia Santa Giusta
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