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Alessio Laz
Alessio Laz
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Fattoria di Corsignano
Amidst the rolling hills and vibrant colors of the Tuscan countryside, the wedding of Anna & Joost, a wonderful couple from the Netherlands, took place.
I remember when they first contacted me in November 2022, sharing their beautiful story with me.
From that moment on, I knew that I had to capture the magic of their most important day.
The weather put us to the test, threatening to ruin our plans, but our team, as always, responded effectively by proposing to bring the ceremony forward.
In the end, the sun kissed the earth, and the entire day unfolded in an atmosphere of pure joy.
Each moment was a succession of emotions: the trepidation of anticipation, the emotion of the vows, and the unbridled joy of dancing.
With my camera, I had the privilege of capturing all of this, telling the story of Anna and Joost's authentic and profound love through evocative images.
Their love is visible in their gazes, their gestures, and their smiles.
I am grateful to these two wonderful people for entrusting me with the task of preserving the memories of their dream wedding.
The Tuscan hills provided the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable day, and now, every time they look at their photos, they will be able to relive the magic of that day and the love that has united them forever.

  • Event Planner : Trouwen in Toscane
  • Second Photographer : Giorgio Lazzeretti
  • Venue : Fattoria di Corsignano
A sneak peek at the magic of Anna & Joost's wedding...
"Make your wedding a storybook moment that will last a lifetime"


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